Oh, dear…

I like to answer questions relating to Japanese on Yahoo! Answers. It is great practise, and also a great way to learn new words and kanji. Yesterday, I happened upon one a question in which someone asked that this be translated:

The first thing about this that was challenging to me was that instead of the standard 何/なに, the word for ‘what’ (nani) is written as ナニ. So, that sort of confused me. I thought that might have been a name, because foreign names are usually written with that writing system.

And then, there’s the last part. I didn’t know the word かたく(kataku) at all! And when I looked in the dictionary, I couldn’t find anything that seemed to fit. Among the list of possible meanings I found were:

硬い/堅い – solid; hard (esp. metal, stone); unpolished writing
家宅 – domicile, premises

But, even though I saw that first meaning, I could not guess. So, what’s the translation?

It’s okay for you to help me, but…
You… What are you…?
You’re making me hard…

And yes; it’s exactly what it looks like. :/ Leave it to me not to see a raunchy meaning in this. Learnt something, though.

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2 Responses to Oh, dear…

  1. read.robin says:

    LOL. Poor Ken. Your sensibilities must have been *so* offended. *snickers*

    Good job translating though! ^^


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