This is why I’m learning JSL

Take a look at this video.

So, now, you’ve seen it from Emmett’s perspective. He’s deaf. The lights blinded him so he could not read their lips. (By the way, not all Deaf can read lips.) And he is not good at speech. With the cuffs on, he couldn’t sign.

Here it is with the sound:

And if for any reason, you can’t hear the voices, here it is with subtitles:

This is an extreme example of what happens a lot in hearing-Deaf interactions. You may look at it and thing, “That’s horrible!” But these police officers did what we all do; assume that the people we come in contact with are hearing. Once, my JSL teacher was going up to class and the receptionist thought he was being rude and ignoring her when she called to him.

Knowledge of your local sign language opens up levels of communication that were not available before. And you just may help make someone’s day (hour, second…) just that much easier.

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