A friend suggested today that I have a journal for practising the languages I’m learning, so I’m constantly in use of them. She’s nice, she wants me to remember what I’ve learnt.

I think that’s an awesome idea. I can alternate so I use them all. I think I need a Hebrew dictionary, though… Ben Yehuda’s was recommended to me. I’ll work on that.

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  1. yaelle says:

    Ben-Yehuda’s is archaic. It was started over a century ago, and completed before the founding of Israel. So, naturally, the language has changed so so much since then. Also, he had a very prescriptive approach. Therefore many words that were in use were not included in the dictionary, because he felt there should be a more “Hebrew” alternative for them (like bus ‘אוטובוס’, for instance, which is still in use. I bet he’s turning in his grave!). And to make matters worse (!!), some of the definitions of entries appear in Rashi script, which even I find difficult to decipher at times.
    Oh, and it’s made up of ~20 volumes I think.
    I took pictures of it in the library so that I could fit it into my thesis, so take a look at these: and

    Sorry I can’t recommend anything else instead. I’ve looked in so many dictionaries lately, and I had to really pick through them, to the degree that I found numerous flaws in every single one, and I currently hate all dictionaries! 🙂
    But if I come across anything good I’ll let you know. So far the least horrible I used was Sapir 1997, which is also starting to age a bit, now that I think of it.

    However, (sorry that this is such a long comment, I didn’t think it would be…), my dear phonology teacher, Evan Cohen, always said that when it comes to books – “the older – the better”.


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