‘Messianic’ Music

Long before I ever learnt my first Hebrew verb, or could form my first full sentence, I was exposed to a genre of music called ‘Messianic’. Well, ‘Messianic Jews’ have an interesting position in terms of religion. To Christians, they look very Jewish because they appear to retain many Jewish customs, but to Jews, they’re Christian, no ifs, ands or buts.

Anyway, Messianic music – music that is produced by Messianic Jews, or have a ‘Jewish’ flavour – tends to have Hebrew in it. That was where a lot of my first exposure to the Hebrew language came from.

The song Nachamu Ami, sung by Celeste Mills and Chaim Warshawsky, is one such song. It’s almost entirely in Hebrew (albeit just 4 words), but I fell in love with it even before I had any idea what it was saying. It seems to have been inspired by Isaiah 40:1.

Comfort, comfort, comfort my people
Israel, Israel, Israel, my beloved 

I got it recently because of my dear friend Warner. I’m so glad to officially own a copy!

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