Sigh… Lang-8…

There is a great site there for learning languages. I’ve been very horrible in that I haven’t been there really in a long time.

It’s called Lang -8. The 8 is supposed to symbolise the infinity symbol ∞ I think. Anyway, basically, you post something like journal entries about whatever you want in the language you want to improve on. And then native speakers correct your entry! So, they show you what you do wrong, suggest better ways to say something, etc., etc.

I’ve done it a few times and it’s very fun! I think I’ll try and start back again. (After typing that, I realised a definite Jamaicanism in that sentence! Haha!) I have an Israeli penpal, but not a Japanese one, so that should help.

Robyn, it should help with your Korean!!!!


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3 Responses to Sigh… Lang-8…

  1. read.robin says:

    That’s a handy site. It reminds me of Livemocha, which I signed up for years ago and keep forgetting to use. :\


  2. whylori says:

    “…start back again…”. Teehee. #JamaicaFTW


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