ISL alphabet and how it helped me

I am an extremely visual learner. If I see something, I’m more likely to remember it than if I just hear it. That’s why the following picture, sent to my by my friend Michal some time ago, helped me to remember the Hebrew alphabet:

It’s the Hebrew alphabet in Israeli Sign Language. When I couldn’t remember the letter order, one of the things I could do was go through the alphabet with my hand. Hehe. It was very easy to learn, too, because it’s very similar to the one we use in ASL/JSL.

Little things like this are important to help with remembering a language. What are the little ways you use to help you?

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One Response to ISL alphabet and how it helped me

  1. read.robin says:

    I don’t use any little tricks, which is probably the reason my knowledge of other languages is superficial at best. >.< Repetition and immersion do wonders though. Just watching a Korean drama, or music video really helps to cement new words. And reading just comes with lots and lots of practice. 🙂


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