Interpreter pt. 2

While I was ‘interpreting’ last night, I realised some things:

First, my finger-spelling is improving! Both reception and production. I’m spelling faster and making fewer mistakes!

Second, I realised that I tried to sign while I was speaking so that my Deaf friend would understand. The girl laughed and said, “You’re signing to me?!” Sometimes, it was hard to do because my JSL sentence structure doesn’t always line up to my spoken language structure, but where I could, I did. I want, as much as possible, all parties to be aware of what’s going on.

But I realise even more that I don’t like talking and signing. It’s hard! If you ever watch Switched at Birth, an American TV show in which some of the characters, one in particular named Bay, sign and talk, you’ll see that often one language suffers because of the other. The signs often end up just being used intermittently where they match up with the spoken language.

Man, I want to improve my JSL!!!

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2 Responses to Interpreter pt. 2

  1. read.robin says:

    You’ll get better! I know you will. Plus you sound pretty good already. 🙂


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