Greetings everyone.

Guess what. I made a website! Yeah, not a big deal in today’s world. But I’m proud of it. It’s where I put my notes on the Hebrew language. It’s called:

Learn Hebrew with Ken
ללמוד עברית עם קמואל
(Lilmod Ivrit im Kmuel)

 I’ve been having a grand time with it! I love it because it forces me to look at things that I wouldn’t have. And I’m amazed at the things that stick with me after I make a lesson. I know I made mistakes, though, and I need to go over the notes to fix them (and to cement what I’ve learnt). And I’ve also learnt at least one thing that I need to fix. I thought you tend to omit the pronouns when you’re using Hebrew future tense verbs; after all, the ‘person’ is found within the verb itself. But I saw a friend use the first person pronoun (I, אני) with the verb. So, I should my friends about that and clarify.

I haven’t updated the site in a week or so, but I intend to this week. This project helps me keep track of what I know and helps me realise what I don’t know. And I can catalogue it so if I forget something, I can find it easy. So, I’m happy!

And then, I found a site that should provide something I have been desiring: Japanese reading practise. It’s got children’s stories, so it shouldn’t be too complicated. I haven’t started reading yet, but that’s also something I want to do this week.

(Mukashi Banashi no Shanru betsu)

It means “Old Stories, Sorted by Genre”. Hopefully it’ll help me improve my reading! 😀

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