Shyness BAD!!!

Okay, this shyness is seriously getting in the way of my practising JSL.

On my route to and from home, I often (sometimes? can’t really judge which) see Deaf on the bus. But I don’t often say hi and strike up a conversation even if I’ve seen them before and had previous conversations with them. It’s very hard for me to to that. I often have to count to ten (at least fifty times!) just to get the courage to wave or tap someone on the shoulder…

That happened again today. I saw someone on the bus that I knew and I’m sure recognised me, but I pretended I didn’t see…

Yeah, I know you’re probably laughing now. 🙂

But the thing is, although Deaf culture is collectivist and can be suspicious of hearing people, they can also be quite friendly. I have had some fun experiences talking to Deaf with people looking at me thinking I’m deaf, too. Hehe. (And one or two with them being surprised when I talk. Haha!)

Languages are about people and cultures; that’s part of what I love about them. But that won’t do any good if I don’t learn not to dread people, will it?


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4 Responses to Shyness BAD!!!

  1. whylori says:

    Bad Keneil… 😛 Kidding. AWW


  2. read.robin says:

    Lol, I’m hardly ever like that. Whenever I see Koreans I get all excited and have to remind myself that they’d think I’m weird for just going up and introducing myself.

    You should be more confident! It’s worth it! ^^


  3. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Plus, what’s the worst that can happen? They don’t respond and your in the same position as before. But if they do respond, you’re bettor off.


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