Namekian….? Really?

Okay, I’ve wanted to post this for ages and never got around to it.

Dragonball Z Kai is in it’s (apparent) last season on NickToons. I like watching it. It’s nice and nostalgic to watch the show without all the time-wasting chatter and ‘fillers’ that defined Dragonball Z.

One thing I must comment on, though. Dende, the young Namekian that the stars befriend on the planet Namek, speaks the Namekian tongue when he addresses the planet’s dragon, Porunga. I don’t remember what it was like in DBZ when I was in prep school, but seriously: Dende’s accent is so…


I mean, the least they could do was try to get rid of some of the little quirks that make up the accent of his American voice actor. Well, I imagine it might be too much to ask, but it’s an alien language.

A friend told me that in the Japanese Dragonball Kai (which I haven’t got a chance to see yet) Dende speaks his language, ナメック語, with a Japanese accent, too. Not surprising… But seriously, I’ve always thought that in anime, if the Japanese could get American seiryuu to play American characters, that’d be great! It’s a cross between irritating and hilarious to hear Japanese voices with their specific phonological quirks saying English words.

But, I see where that could be difficult. Oh, well.


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