Yesterday, a classmate and I were practising JSL for our conversation test (which was today and was pretty good, I think). We were in a very public place, and so people were passing us on the way to class.

So, a friend of my classmate was passing by and saw us, stopped and just started doing some random hand nonsense (aimed towards my classmate). I looked at him.

Honestly, how can someone not think that would be offensive? My classmate laughed with him about it, but the thing is, it wasn’t until I opened by mouth that I realised I wasn’t Deaf. He thought I was Deaf and yet, he still proceeded to do that hand nonsense.

I felt offended; and it isn’t even my first language. Maybe a Deaf person wouldn’t care; or maybe they would. But seriously, people should be more considerate.


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One Response to Honestly?

  1. Michal says:

    I’ve had people do the same to me, and I agree that it is offensive. I laugh it off and let it slide off my back, but it would be nice to start teaching people that ASL is a valid language.


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